Equity Group Managing Director Dr. James Mwangi Narendra Raval Guru the chairman of Devki Group of Companies.

By Sofia Ali

“I want to share my experience of yesterday which I could not express in our team of covid 19 committee. James Mwangi and I went to coast area on Friday with two doctors and the secretariat. We went to Musambweni hospital in kwale, coast general hospital and other hospitals.

I really could not express myself at that time, but I would like to say this, while the churches the temples and mosques are closed its just because I think God, Mungu, is working in the hospital in the form of doctors, nurses and all the frontline health workers  who are treating and saving lives of Kenyans. We are so proud to have such medical staff in Kenya, who are risking their lives, we have lost a lot of doctors in the frontline but still they continue working and saving lives.

If we don’t respect them, help them and support them by all means and ways, I don’t think we can be able to get anything from the temple, mosque or the churches. I would like to pass this massage from the bottom of my heart.

To all the doctors, nurses and health workers, please keep it up. Save lives, save Kenyans, you don’t have to go to church, temple or anywhere else coz you are working for and on behalf of God. And God will reward you. There is no more appreciation words that I can give you apart from say that you guys are doing amazing work and we will win the battle with you and if you are not there then we will not go anywhere.

This is my massage to all the health workers in Kenya. Please keep it up, congratulations for what you are doing and what you will be doing.

Thank you very much.” Narendra Raval Guru the chairman of Devki Group of Companies.

These are the moving words of Narendra Raval Guru the chairman of Devki Group of Companies during his visit to various hospitals recently.

This comes as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Kenya hit the 10 thousand mark four months since the first case was reported on the 13th of March this year.

Three days ago a young gynecologist doctor lost her life after contracting coronavirus, bringing the number of doctors who have died due to corona in Kenya to four.

The health ministry said at the beginning of the month that 186 health workers had tested positive for coronavirus.

Many business leaders among ordinary citizens are reaching out to play their part in offering support to fight the virus.

One such Kenyan is Narendra Raval. The billionaire founder and chairman of Devki Group on Thursday pledged to donate Sh100 million worth of oxygen to all public hospitals across the country to help Covid-19 patients who may require supplemental oxygen

Equity Group Managing Director Dr. James Mwangi has been on forefront in the fight against covid- 19. Speaking during PPEs handover ceremony at Kenyatta hospital, Dr. Mwangi said that after consulting with his family, as a family the decided to donate 300 million shillings to go towards covid fund to help address the plight of healthcare providers.“When I shared the need with my family, a robust discussion revealed the urgency to holistically address the issue as it was not prudent to provide the PPE’s to students without also focusing on the plight of the doctors, nurses, clinical officers, and medical staff.” Dr. Mwangi is a member of Kenya’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund Board.

Last week, Equity Group Foundation announced a Ksh 1.1 Billion (USD $11 Million) investment in partnership with Mastercard Foundation, Equity Bank and the family of Dr. James Mwangi towards the provision of PPEs. The investment was committed to the the Kenya COVID-19 Fund creating an effective and efficient collaboration between the Ministry of Health, The Kenya COVID-19 Fund and Equity Group Foundation for execution

This noble gestures is aimed at helping healthcare providers cope with the daily challenges occasioned by their service in the fight against the virus in the country

 Frontline healthcare staff are at an increased risk of moral injury and mental health problems when dealing with challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic

More than 50,000 frontline healthcare workers dealing with coronavirus patients will receive training on case management, application and use of Personal Protective Equipment and on psychosocial support

The year-long intervention will ensure that healthcare workers across the country are well equipped to serve in the frontlines during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The initiative has been financed by the Kenya Covid-19 Fund and Equity Group Foundation at a cost of Sh85 million.

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